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We Caused The MCR Break Up

  • emo lord: fob or mcr
  • everyone: wat
  • emo lord: choose wisely
  • everyone: lol ur jk right
  • emo lord: no
  • everyone: *looks at each other, laughing* hes bluffing lol he ain't gonna do it
  • emo lord: choose one or the entire Holy Trinity goes
  • everyone: okayokay give back fob
  • emo lord: k
  • everyone: lol dont worry he's not gonna do it
  • *months later*
  • mcr: bye
  • fob: hi
  • everyone: wTF i DId'T THinK HE'D AcutUALLY DO IT/?/?!??!??
  • emo lord: lol
  • fob: lol
  • mcr: lol
  • p!atd: we're next aren't we